Patricia Windsor

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In an art class in elementary school, Patricia drew and coloured a picture of the mystical Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Upon gazing at the finished work,  she was transported to another realm and overcome by an experience of glory.  In that moment she understood the power of art.

She spends a great deal of time in the South Chilcotins, British Columbia,  Canada in her log cabin on the shore of a glacial fed lake.  She delights in the pristine air, clean water and the occasional nice bottle of wine.  Nature is a source of solace, creative thought and appreciation for Patricia, allowing her room to breathe and dream.

Born in Edmonton, Alberta, she now resides in North Vancouver, British Columbia where she raised her children and built a family business.  In 2008, she started creating art in earnest, when she became a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and the North Shore Artist's Guild. She paints in oils, watercolour, acrylic and mixed media.

Workshops she is grateful for include Corsica, Italy, Mexico and the Gulf Islands in Western Canada.

A Creative Process Instructor referred to Patricia as..."a painter with the heart of a lion".

Patricia's approach to the world of painting coincides with Robert Motherwell..."Art is much less important than life... but what a poor life without it".

Artist's Statement


I create paintings that usually start from an endearing personal photograph. As my painting begins to unfold, it usually veers off to an impressionistic abstract.  At this point,  I follow the feeling of the work.

I work in oils, watercolour, acrylic and mixed media.  Recently, I have been incorporating dried flowers and plant material.  This keeps me and my canvas connected, in an organic way,  to the earth upon which I stand.

Large canvases are my first love.  The outdoors stimulate my creativity.

I love to create seascapes with a sense of space and lack of hindrance.

My canvas is like my brainchild. I can be imaginative,  free to think, to feel and to dream!



Where does an artist go for fresh inspiration?